Tuesday, 23 February 2010

And so it began...

So, here I am making my first ever blog post for She Loves Preloved! Hello. Nice to meet you.

I've deliberated a while over where to start and, as they say, the beginning seems as good a place as any.

I've recently returned from a short stay with the woman who surely started my obsession with hunting out vintage goodies and collecting beautiful things; my lovely old Nana. As a child nearly every holiday was spent at Nana's house and without a doubt my most prominent memories of those days are of trawling charity shops and boot sales looking for the next 'great find'. Over the years her 'finds' have literally taken over the house; I don't think you could find one cupboard door that isn't bursting at the hinges or a surface that isn't laden with ornaments and trinkets.

Although I've always shared her passion for treasure-hunting I must admit that it's taken me a long time (my full 27 years in fact!) to really begin understanding the motives behind her obsession; its not a need to shop that drives her but instead its the need to be surrounded by beautiful and interesting things; a need I (and you too, I'm sure) can appreciate. Looking around her house now I find that these shelves and cupboards adorned with what I might once have dismissed as junk are actually full to the brim with titbits you'd like to find in any well-styled contemporary home (with a little bit of kitsch thrown in for good measure, of course). So I took the liberty of snatching a few choice photos of this aladin's cave to share with you.

On my recent visit to Nana's I finally felt that I understood the woman behind the clutter. And, dear Nana, I think that woman has style.

Coming up... A look at my latest vintage finds... Updates on my journey to launch my home accessories store... and also keep an eye out for the tutorial I'll be posting in the next few weeks showing how to transform a vintage book cover into an essential office accessory...